Frank Recommends: Blogs

I’ve revisited my novel in the past week, and had every intention on writing something about that fun-filled experience (note the sarcasm: when you let those things sit for six months, it’s really, really difficult to go back). However, I got really busy writing various blog posts elsewhere on the Interwebs and ran short on time. My brain is telling me that one isn’t in me right now, but that I should write something anyway.

Really — I tried to read, but this voice in my head kept saying, “Keep writing. You aren’t quite done yet for the day.”

So I’ve got a new edition of Frank Recommends for you. This week we’re talking about blogs, specifically ones that I think are well written and that you should probably check out. Sharing is fun, right? These blogs are written by people that I’m lucky enough to know. They cover a variety of topics and are well worth your time.

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