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I’ve revisited my novel in the past week, and had every intention on writing something about that fun-filled experience (note the sarcasm: when you let those things sit for six months, it’s really, really difficult to go back). However, I got really busy writing various blog posts elsewhere on the Interwebs and ran short on time. My brain is telling me that one isn’t in me right now, but that I should write something anyway.

Really — I tried to read, but this voice in my head kept saying, “Keep writing. You aren’t quite done yet for the day.”

So I’ve got a new edition of Frank Recommends for you. This week we’re talking about blogs, specifically ones that I think are well written and that you should probably check out. Sharing is fun, right? These blogs are written by people that I’m lucky enough to know. They cover a variety of topics and are well worth your time.

Gearheads Anonymous: If you are an auto enthusiast of any kind, you’ll definitely want to check out this well-written blog. Topics range from auto industry news and commentary to car reviews, project car updates, and a car of the week. It’s solid information written by a mechanic — Batman’s mechanic, actually, so that’s reason enough to check it out.

Quota: Like blogs with smart commentary and beautiful prose? Jim writes some of the best essays on a variety of topics. Sometimes they’re so honest and from the heart that they make me tear up a little. He’s been my boss, my teacher, my friend, and one of my writing mentors. When no one else will push me to write, Jim has ideas to motivate me. I’ve always been a fan of his writing, and think you will be too.

Here Be Sarcasm: If you’re a fan of academia mixed with pop culture and infused with sarcasm, you’re in luck. This blog serves it up, covering music (think Bowie, Dylan, The Beatles), film (smart film — this blog is written by a film student), writing (…who studied writing in undergrad), and literature, among other topics (you know, like how to best prepare a hot dog on the 4th of July).

Chapters four, five, and six: The first time I saw this blog title comment on one of my posts, I knew that I would like the person writing it. Why? It’s a brilliant use of Elvis Costello lyrics to talk about writing! Though I’ve never met Jen in person, we’ve formed a good blogging friendship. What we have in common is that we both have works in progress that drive us insane in all the ways that they make us feel like inadequate writers. The whole common experience thing, you know. We also frequently have creepy brain twin-isms. Even better! Definitely a good blog about the writing process.

AttitudeSickness: The tag line for this blog is “Unfiltered, incessant, random.” That pretty much sums it up. Jason is a smart, opinionated guy with lots of interests. He writes about what he thinks. If you’re someone who enjoys hot political blogs, you’ll probably like this one. Personally, I love his travel tales.

So there you go. Five dino-blogs for your consideration. Give them a look, pass them on, and leave me a comment to let me know what you think (even better: let the writers know what you think)! In the mean time, I’ll work on getting that novel-y post done for early next week.


4 thoughts on “Frank Recommends: Blogs

  1. Thanks for the rec, “Frank.” Although I think the number of times I’ve mentioned Dracula AD 1972 (Oops! There’s another one!) on my blog probably disqualifies me from covering “smart film.” Maybe “film, smartly” would be more accurate. Hey, that’s catchy! I should trademark that!

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