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I’m taking a break from my normal babble to do a little unsolicited blog promotion. I like reading blogs because I feel like there’s always a lot to learn from other people and often times I find that they offer ways for me to readjust my own perspective. They can be quite educational. There are a lot of great blogs – by people I know and people I don’t – that I could tell you to read. I’m only going to start with three of my personal friends’ blogs, though, because I don’t want to be overwhelming. When I go to a blog, I like to click on other links in the blog roll (a good reason to establish one), so if you haven’t checked out these blogs on mine, please do (all links in this post will open in a new window). If they don’t strike your fancy, feel free to pass them on to anyone else whose fancy they might strike. I just used the word “blog” a lot. Bad writer.

Please note, however, that I can’t do these justice in a short blurb. You’ll just have to check them out for yourself.

Quota is Jim’s blog that deals largely with writing and the writing process. As soon as you read it, you’ll know he’s an awesome writer, and he says everything about it much better than I ever could hope to. It’s often funny, as well, and so well worth the look. The bonus content is the amazing blog roll that he’s got, several of which I really enjoy reading from time to time, as well.

Gearheads Anonymous is Chris’s all-things-cars blog. Think of it as a sort of online magazine with its different features. Among other things, you’ll find updates on his own personal car projects and auto-x endeavors, and you’ll also find quick tips that are useful for anyone who owns or operates a car. It’s really good information from someone who knows a lot about cars (make sure you read the “about me”  and “about this blog” sections, too, so you know how he got to know so much about cars and why he’s a good person to dispense car advice).

the (un)classified library is Cori’s blog that she maintains for the Alexander Mack Memorial Library at Bridgewater College in Virginia. I’m kind of a library nerd and love all of the academic material she writes about in her posts. The best part is that you don’t even need to be a BC student to appreciate this blog – there’s something for everyone, anyway. Sure, it’s good for the college students, but it’s also really interesting for anyone who is interested in libraries or academia in general.

So there you go: three of my favorite blogs. Check them out and let me know if you enjoy them. Better yet, let the authors know if you enjoy them!


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