Frank Recommends: Music

So, I’ve been thinking. That’s what introverts do, and occasionally I think about something that is relatively productive. In my writing elsewhere on the Web, I’ve been pretty big into series posts and I thought to myself that it might be fun to try one over here at Ye Olde Frank as well.

What I hope Frank Recommends as a series will do is expose you, cherished reader, to some of my favorite things. As a result, I’m hoping it sparks some conversation, recommendations from you, and just general fun times. Frank can recommend basically anything, and will do so at various intervals. I’ve decided to start with a pretty easy one: Music. Everyone likes music.

I’ve been listening to some really fantastic tunes this summer (but of course I think they’re fantastic, otherwise I wouldn’t listen to them). I get to be really picky about music so it takes a while for an artist to win me over. I have to hear it enough times to really like it without getting sick of it. Seriously. If I hear LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” one. more. time. my head is going to explode… and I’ve never even listened to it the whole way through. I’m convinced it’s the only song Hits 1 plays. Adele is great, but can we take it easy on “Rolling in the Deep” for a little while?

So what’s going to happen right now is that I’m going to recommend 5 songs to you that I am really loving at the moment. Some of these are artists who are new to me, and others I might know a little better. Where do I find these artists? Via other artists, Sirius Radio (I love the Spectrum), doing stuff like this (sharing with friends), and… Conan (seriously, I generally enjoy his mostly-unknown musical guests).

For your part, you’re going to give them a listen, and then you can comment and tell me what you think. We can discuss, we can debate, you can tell me my taste in music sucks, you can tell me similar bands or artists to check out, etc. Pretty easy. You can hit these YouTube videos and let them play in the background while you do other stuff. See how convenient I’m making this for you? Aaaaand GO.

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