Frank Recommends: Top 10 Favorite Christmas Songs

I’ve got a few posts in the pipeline before the apocalypse ensues, but I’ve been working my behind off and I’ve been sick, so I haven’t blogged much recently. Fear not, Franklets. More substantial posts are on the way. For now, I wanted to help you celebrate Friday and help myself get into the Christmas spirit (it seems I’ve lost it… again) by doing one of the things I love most: recommending music.

(Also, “celebrate” is a term to use loosely.)

This is an actual top 10 list, too. As in… #1 is my most favorite Christmas song. However, that being said, everything from 6-10 is sort of about the same to me.

And one more note: there are literally (literally, I say!) 128 zuperillion* ways to do this list. Classic Christmas, original works, newer artists, older artists, religious themes, etc. I chose a little bit of everything (although you will see that original songs rank high for me).

*I don’t know what this means. I made it up. But it’s big. I’m sure of it.

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Lost: Christmas Spirit. If Found, Please Return.

What is it about growing up that makes the holidays seem so much less fun? Or is it just that everything is so commercialized? I really have no idea, but this year I can’t seem to find my holiday cheer anywhere. I’m hoping it didn’t get stuck in my pocket and go through the wash because that’s just bad business.

In any case, I really feel like I need to write some of this out, so if you’re already thinking this is something you’re going to hate because it’s personal & might involve emotions, there’s probably no need to read on after the jump, but thank you for stopping by anyway. I’ll be back with something literary next week. Continue reading