In the Absence of Nonsense

Hi readers.

I’ve been feeling awfully guilty about not having written anything here recently. Life has gotten pretty busy with some interesting things happening for me. Normally that wouldn’t keep me from trying to write something, but much of what I’d been writing here recently has been an effort for me to make sense of some things that, well, were sort of … plaguing me, I guess you could say. I was exploring my thoughts and feelings on different topics impacting my life because, well, that’s what you do with a blog.

I think more with my heart than with my head sometimes (or maybe most of the time. Who knows). Anyway, in a fabulous and depressing display of heartlessness, someone who was, until very recently, one of the closest people in the world to me, made it known to me that my thoughts and feelings are “nonsense.”

It’s kind of taken my Frankasaurus mojo.

So while I recover from feeling silly for… well… experiencing (and exploring) human emotions, I’ll let this Aldous Huxley quote frame the rest of this post.

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.”

In the absence of nonsense, I just feel like sharing some music. So if you feel like listening to music, awesome! If not, you know how dinosaurs are. They’re pretty resilient until they go extinct, so, barring any kind of Big Bang, Frank should be back soon (in all of his nonsensical glory).

So here’s where I let my ADD DJ take over:

Radiohead – “High & Dry”

Ingrid Michaelson – “Ghost”

I have tickets to see Ingrid live and I’m so excited. This video is so simple and yet somehow so brilliant. It kind of makes me want to write all over myself with eyeliner, but I won’t. Also, I’ve been kind of obsessed with this song since I first heard it a few months ago when she released the video. I downloaded the album at midnight when it came out and have no regrets.

Adele – “Turning Tables”

I’m about a year late to the Adele party, but I’ve recently become obsessed with this album. It’s actually a musical journey through the stages of grief, and if you’re experiencing any of them (or if you’re just really moody), I’m not sure there’s anything better to listen to. Quite literally my only complaint is that it ends with “Someone Like You” because then the album is over and I just want to drink a Drano-and-Cloroxtini, but that’s it. I don’t even entirely dislike her cover of “Lovesong” — which is saying something since I’m a Cure purist (I’m still waiting for a cover that includes the “fly me to the moon” bit that Robert Smith does between verses though).

Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson – “Winter Song”

Honestly one of the most hauntingly beautiful duets I’ve heard recently.

The Head and The Heart – “Down in the Valley”

Thought I’d end with The Head and The Heart for two reasons. First and foremost: I also have tickets to go see them and am insanely excited about it. One of my favorite groups out right now for sure. Really loving the acoustic indie music even more as of late. And secondly: this post began with me mentioning my own recent “head vs. heart” struggles. I thought I’d close with a band whose name appropriately reflects that.

Thanks for hanging out and letting me share some music. I’ll have an *actual* new post soon. I promise!


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