Seems About Right…

So Sarah Palin is joining Fox News. The down side is that she’ll have this platform to make ridiculous statements. The up side is that I don’t think she can run for president this way, so maybe that means she won’t. This is obviously my opinion only, and I’m not going to tell you that I have loved everything Obama has done because I certainly haven’t. I’m not quite sure where my current political loyalties lie because I’m so sick of all of it, but I’m certain that I’m not a Republican. Even if I were, I think I’d still have a problem with Sarah Palin. I tried to stay unbiased about her at first, but the whole “abuse of power” thing really made me think that she’s completely fake (along with many, many other politicians, I’m aware). I have a hard time taking people seriously when they tell me how they worship her because she’s “just like them.” That’s a tactic. She’s not just like you at all. I have a hard time taking her seriously because I think she’s stupid in a dangerous way and I’m concerned that a lot of people would be stupid enough to vote for her for reasons similar to those they gave when voting for George W. Bush. I feel like it’s an elementary school election where everyone says stuff like “She has pretty hair, so I voted for her” or “She likes hockey and I like hockey, so I voted for her.” That’s really irresponsible voting. Obviously this is, again, my opinion. I have no interest in arguing politics whatsoever, and I’m not going to. I just thought I’d put that out there because I thought it was interesting.


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