Blogging for the New Year

I’ve had any number of blogs in the past. I’ve had several eBlogs. Those never took. I used the blog feature on MySpace to review books or, on my “school MySpace,” to tell my students about homework assignments. The problem there was that MySpace drove me crazy. It’s so 2006, anyway. So last decade. I’ve had WordPress blogs before, but they too went the way of the caribou. Too personal, too whiney, perhaps. This was most evident in my most faithful blog: LiveJournal. I created that account shortly before leaving for college in 2001 and then rediscovered it my sophomore year. I’m glad that I did because I can go back now and read about a lot of fun memories from college that I’d forgotten about. This also affords me the opportunity to excessively roll my eyes at myself, but what are you gonna do? I quit the old el-jay cold turkey on my 25th birthday. It was the end of an era. I was, after all, a quarter of a century old (or young) by that point.

Since then, no other blogging venture has really stuck for me. By and large, the reason for this is because it’s so easy to vent frustrations, to whine and complain online, and instead of doing anything productive with those blogs, I was merely chronicling a depressing existence with banal details. There was no thought behind my previous blogs. I wasn’t creating or analyzing. I wasn’t thinking. I was documenting. That’s okay for some, but I wanted something more. Thus, Frankasaurus. This is my attempt to start over. I need to get back into writing. Unemployment has made me feel like I’m rotting away from the inside out, and I need to do something to keep my brain from atrophying. Super Mario Bros. on the Wii just isn’t cutting it (it’s surprising how easily that controller slips back into my hand and I remember all the warp zones and extra lives just like fifteen years haven’t even gone by…).

I have no intentions of making this into a “This is what I did today…” kind of blog. I have every intention of using this as an outlet for some of my thoughts and opinions, and possibly for some reviews. I welcome discussion, but I won’t discuss with anyone who is irate and screaming at me. If, by chance, I happen to do something really cool in my personal life (like the time I wrote a book in November), it might get a mention, but it is my hope that those will be details mentioned in passing. If you know me, you know my sense of humor, and I sincerely hope that translates here. I guess we shall see.


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